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How can your business benefit from Facebook ads?

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It is no longer a secret that Facebook is by far the social media platform of choice for online marketers for reasons that are not obvious up until you start using it to promote your business.
We already talked about Facebook's large and active worldwide audience, and that right there is an enormous benefit for any business because of exposure, and the good news is that businesses can create their own profiles as Facebook pages.
Then we talked about Facebook's advertising platform and how it works to help businesses to easily achieve their marketing objectives. Thanks to non-intrusive and retargeted ads, the Facebook Ads platform is one of the best options there is for advertisers.
Now we want to talk about how Facebook Ads can help your business to grow. These are some of the most under reported yet more relevant benefits offered by the Facebook advertising network for businesses.
Facebook Ads are cost-effective
One of the reasons why the majority of businesses have a difficult time breaking through online is because of costs, mainly the cost of paid advertising, which can easily eat most of a business' marketing budget on a whim.
The Facebook Ads platform is one of the cheapest advertising options not only among online advertising networks but also when compared to any other form of advertising period. You can easily assign $15 to your advertising budget on any given day and reach 1,000 people. It doesn't get cheaper than that anywhere else!
Your potential customers are already spending lots of time on Facebook
Close to 80% of internet users use Facebook, and a good chunk of them are using it daily, and we guarantee you that a good portion of your target audience is in that 80%, which means that they're pretty much likely to interact with your advertising at any given moment.
Facebook Ads are the most targeted form of online advertising
Facebook ads are perhaps the only ones that will allow you to target a very much exact match of your target audience because they will allow you to advertise to people according to their age, their locations, their interests and other behaviors.
Facebook Ads drive results FAST
Facebook ads will give you immediate results because of their wide reach. This means that after one or two days of running ads on Facebook you will be able to determine whether your campaigns are being successful or need optimizations.
Facebook Ads increase brand awareness
Facebook Ads are better at creating brand awareness than any other advertising network because they allow your business to connect with people on a more personal level through Facebook pages. Increased brand awareness means more engagement, which in turn increases sales and profits!
Facebook Ads increase website traffic
Facebook Ads will allow you to set up click-to-website campaigns to increase traffic to your website, which can improve brand recall for your business.
Facebook Ads increase repeat business

You can use Facebook Ads to advertise to existing customers by importing their emails and personal data such as names or locations to Facebook Ad campaigns so you can reach them directly on their Facebook feeds.

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