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How to Monitize Telegram channel ? (Pro Tips)

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Telegram is the fastest-growing social media platform and messenger right now. It's over than 200 million active users all over the world. Telegram is a cloud-based messenger and lots of features available in telegram.

How to make money with a telegram channel

1. Sell ads

It's a simple and very effective method to make money with the telegram channel. Posting ads on your telegram channel and make money. If you have more than 10k members, you can easily sell any promotional post to your channel. You can charge them for hours or days etc. More than 50k members you have you can charge higher prices. you can earn up to 300 USD per month by promoting other channels and products. 
If your channel not getting any promotional post no worries there are available lots of ad bots in the telegram. Search and find the best ad bot and register your channel (my suggestion Adzone bot) This bot automatically post on your telegram channel and give you reasonable money. It's a very easy method to make money on telegram.

2. Paid Subscription

Do you have a public channel and a large base of followers you can create a private channel and create premium content. Access to the private channel is allowed to members who pay the subscription fees on a regular basis. You can charge monthly and get a constant income. 

3. Sell your services and products

You are an affiliate seller or you have owned a brand, you can always promote your products and services in your telegram channel. 
create a custom offer to your telegram followers and make huge sales. These users won't miss your offers. Of course, the more members you have in the channel the higher chances you have to get new clients from telegram channel and make money on telegram.


You can monetize through selling ads, paid subscription, Sell your services and products, or donations.

You can add a Paypal id or any other payment method in your channel description Tipping is already very popular. This way you can get additional earnings through telegram.

5. Sell your channel

If you have enough members in your channel, you can sell it to someone else. Set a good price and make a big money by transferring your ownership to your client. After you can create a new channel, grow it, and sell it again! 
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