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How to change telegram theme to WhatsApp look?

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Telegram is a best messaging application. Telegram claims that it now 200 million active users.Comparing with another messenger telegram messenger was lot of features available. 
Send highly sized files easly, add 2 lakh members in a telegram group and without limitation of telegram channels.

Hi Friends today i am telling about how to change telegram theme to Whatsapp look?

its very easy to change telegram theme to whatsapp look. I will tell you how to change telegram theme and make your favourite= whatsapp  messenger theme.

  • In the end of article i will provide a WhatsApp theme file 
  • Go to download the file ( end of article)
  • Open Telegram app and send the file anywhere ( i will suggest send the file to saved messages)
  • Then click here the file and click the apply button 
  • Restart your telegram application

Enjoy your new whatsApp look theme 

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